Essential Tips for Giving Premium Gifts to Corporate Clients

17 Aug

Should you gift or not?  Yes, you should and it should be done properly. As a business, you count on your clients for growth and expansion. They’re part of every milestone you have and will achieve so it’s only fitting to thank them in the best way you can.

Giving out corporate gifts has long been a tradition for many companies. But if it’s your first time doing so, you’ll want to be extra careful. A simple, supposedly friendly gesture can backfire and cost your company a lot.

With that said, take note of these tips as you choose corporate premium gifts to give your clients.

Check company policy

What is your company’s view in giving out corporate gifts? Is there an amount you should follow or a guideline to strictly adhere to?

You’ll want to avoid putting your client in a compromising situation. Clients may not feel comfortable receiving too expensive a gift. So think carefully before sending out gifts. Don’t be too obsessed about the tag price.

Look for quality products instead that you deem your clients will find useful.

Don’t go personal

Always separate business from personal matters. Even if you personally know your client, that doesn’t mean you can also send out gifts that contain in-house joke, for instance.

Send this gift on a personal occasion instead and choose a more appropriate corporate gift. If you’re unsure which products are best for giving, you can always inquire from corporate gift suppliers in Singapore.

These suppliers have most likely worked with several other companies before, and you can ask which gift items are most popular or top-rated. Make sure to check out their product catalog as there might be gift offers you won’t find in other shops.

Think thrice about placing your logo

If you are giving away promotional items such as pens, then you’re most welcome to add your logo or brand name. However, if you’re sending your clients in Singapore occasional premium gifts, you’ll want to consider leaving this detail out.

Instead of putting your company logo and name on the gift, you may want to attach a card and use that for your greetings. Even if you don’t stamp your brand on the gift, chances are your clients will still remember you for it. That’s always possible with a well-thought out present.

Consider innovative gifts

Think you’re already running out of ideas? Check out innovative gift items. These presents are perfect for giving to your top clients as they’re special and unique. Take, for instance, a battery-operated wine opener.

With elegant packaging and a useful item like this, you’re sure to impress your recipient. When your gift is not like any other your client has already received before, then you’ll be remembered more. And who doesn’t want something they can brag about when they have guests around? You sure will help your client draw attention, all for good time’s sake.

 As you look for gift suppliers, make sure to subscribe to newsletters. You’ll want to stay updated on the latest corporate gift ideas for your clients in Singapore. Thinking which particular product to buy can be time-consuming. It helps a lot if all you need to do is scan through corporate gift options that are readily available.

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