Why A Career in Tourism and Hospitality Management?

24 Aug

With a broad selections of career opportunities to graduates of tourism and hospitality management courses, one can surely find a suitable job in no time in any of the following industries:

  • Resorts and hotels
  • Airlines, sea cruises, and other transportation companies
  • Leisure, recreation, and sports management
  • Spa and wellness management
  • Environmental and tourism agencies
  • Professional event planning
  • Advertising and marketing companies
  • Restaurants and commercial food service
  • Tourism attractions and destinations

Courses in hospitality and tourism management are very much ideal for people who like working in multicultural companies that often compel a worker to interact to different people from all walks of life. It is safe to say that people in this industry are people with high interpersonal skills.

Some of the best schools with highly revered and quality tourism courses are often situated in South East Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines.  Graduates from these institutions are often deployed to work in different continents and they enjoy high salary and big compensations throughout their working careers.

To be more specific, we have rounded up the specific reasons to consider taking a course in hospitality and tourism management:

  • Diverse Opportunities: As we have listed the possible fields and industries where one can apply after graduating from a hospitality and tourism management-related courses, one can surely find a desirable job on different parts of the world with this degree. Unlike other courses where the job opportunities are constrained to  local companies and limited to certain fields, a degree in hospitality and tourism ensures you that you will not be jobless—and will never experience scarcity of options once you decide to join the workforce.
  • Higher Salary and Compensation: Working on hotels and other service-related industries have its perks and good compensation packages—and not to mention, a relatively higher salary is offered for people in this field compared to other white and blue collar jobs.  As these industries are always dynamic and ever exponentially growing, one can be assured of financial stability if one is able to commit to working for years in this field.
  • Low Turnover: Compared to other professions, the hospitality and tourism related works have low turnover because employees are often satisfied with the compensation and salary they getAdd to that, the working environment is often pleasant, satisfying and even fulfilling. You know that you are in a good field and company if you see that few people resign under the management because employees have less complaints about the work and remuneration they receive.

Chance to Work Overseas: Personnel for hotels and restaurants, events managers, tourism agents, cruise ship crews, among others are very much in demand in Europe, Macau, Middle East, Canada, and even New Zealand—and these are just few places around the globe that are in constant search to fill their workforce with talented, skilled, and industrious workers who can make their businesses successful through their service. Working overseas means also working on a very multicultural environment which can be enriching to you as you do not only grow mastering skills on  your chosen job, you also become less culturally ethnocentric as you are exposed to work with different races and cultures. Working in the hospitality industry is not only financially rewarding, it also makes one socio-culturally mature.

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