Of the Divine Mattress and the Benefit of Sleep

30 Aug

Whoever said that sleeping is for the weak may have never experienced the healing effect and the gratifying experience of a good sleep. And part of the reason why some lucky individuals easily doze off in some peaceful dreamland is their choice of mattress, for sure. Amy, 45, who has just bought a memory foam bed mattress a couple of weeks back shared, “I used to just buy some latex mattress here in Singapore and they were good. But it was when I learned about the memory foam that I actually enjoyed lying on my bed without any discomfort at all. The surface is very soft that sometimes I don’t even need a bed sheet. I value a good night’s sleep because everything may be affected if I don’t. I noticed that when I only sleep right, I wake up feeling more positive. And if you think about it, that is very important to get through the day. My job can be really stressful and dealing with people can sometimes get the best of me, so I make sure I sleep well so I’ll have enough energy to face the world, day after day.”

Why the memory foam, you’ll surely about to ask. “Memory foam offers multiple benefits over traditional mattresses. The major benefit is the cellular structure that memory foam consists of. While typical coils are spaced throughout a bed, memory foam cradles your body at every point so you feel supported and relaxed,” wrote an unnamed writer of amerisleep.com.

Shairra, 34, also shared about her best orthopaedic mattress to date, “I’ve bought different memory foam mattress over the years, but had no luck in making the spring inside last longer than it should. Probably because I used to be very heavy, and I did not really take into account that the quality of the mattress should always be scrutinized. So when I got this orthopaedic mattress, I made sure to take care of it. Buying linens, sheets, and mattresses can be costly if you always ruin their value.”

Samuel, 49, a psychologist, also mentioned how sleeping enough can change everything in your life, “I did an experiment when I was in graduate school for a research paper about college students who sleep only for a 4 hours and compared them to other students who slept 8 hours before a final examination. The result showed that those who had enough sleep were able to take the exam with a more relaxed attitude than those who lacked sleep. And personally, I find myself often grumpy when I don’t get to have enough. That’s why, I don’t go to work and see my clients if I know I slept on the wrong side of the bed, speaking metaphorically of course. Anyone who constantly suffers from insomnia will always have poor judgement over things.”

 Different people from all walks of life can attest to the importance of a good mattress and how it contributes to one’s sleep, “I work as a call center agent—and that entails I only sleep in the morning and work at night. So, yes, a night owl like me is very sleep-deprived. And because my mother is very concerned with my situation, she made sure that everything in my room will feel comfortable, from the memory foam mattress to the purple satin comforter I used,” shared Malena Anne Lee, 21.

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