Do You Need Semi Finished Plastics?

08 Mar

Are you one of the guys who think plastics aren’t really necessary? That our world would be a better place had they not been invented?

In honesty, people think that plastics are doing harm to the environment but if we really think about it, different industries make use of plastics, too. And since we have developed different technologies, plastics have found their niche.

What are Plastics For?

There are different types of plastics. Some of them we use for food packaging and some of them we in use as substitute for glass. Simply put, plastic is also needed today. But let us talk about some types so we can better understand that the world cannot totally go on without them.

First, we have thermoplastic which is manufactured by a lot of companies in Singapore. To describe these simply, these are polymers that soften when put under heat and then goes back to their original texture upon cooling. Sometimes, they even melt to become liquid.

If you wonder where they are used, most of them are incorporated into electronic appliances. They help get rid of electrostatic discharge and discharge of radio frequency. What is even more amazing is that these types can be moulded as well.

Another one largely produced is PVC but the second largest number manufactured is polypropyleneIn fact, polypropylene sheets in Singapore are widely used because of their extreme resistance to corrosive environments. As such, they are used in different semiconductor and chemical industries.

How Else Do They Help?

If you do research, you would be surprised at how much these semi-finished plastics contribute to industrial and economic growth.

Reports would even show that about 45 million tons of these stuff are in demand globally. It is also estimated that these numbers would double in the year 2020. Furthermore, the top three industries that rely on its production are the following: packaging, electrical manufacturing, and household and automotive industries. But if you are not much into this, we know you can better relate if these plastics are used as windshields for cars, glass for aquariums, and windows installed in huge buildings.

How Do I Benefit From These?

Some manufacturers would now wonder what the benefits of producing these are. Here are some of them:

1 These type of plastics can easily be found and are also very affordable

2. They have a slight slippery surface

3. They do not absorb moisture

4. They do not easily deform from some acids as they are resistant to most of them

5. They don't easily break

6. They also make good electrical insulator

These are why they are used in the most common installations and products. However, just like in any other material, they have disadvantages, too. These plastics are flammable and they weaken due to oxidation.

 So, if you would wish to know more about these products and if you would want to look for suppliers, you may scout for different manufacturers online. Most of them have web pages so inquiry would not be so much of a challenge

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