Going to a Spa in Singapore for Couples: A Unique Way to Bond With Your Partner

10 Nov

Couples who want longevity and depth in their relationship—whether they are still dating, exclusively committed, or legally married—should constantly work on their chemistry and connection. It is easy to get stuck, be too familiar, and let romance die when you make no effort to learn more about your partner in a different light is exerted. And there are ways for couples to do bond. Some hike for the weekend. Some couples would rather have one night in a week for a fine dining date; others prefer watching movie marathons at home; the sporty ones usually join tournaments or fund runs together. Different strokes for different folks. 

Depending on the kind of couple you are, there sure are a number of ways to keep the fire burning.

Interestingly, there are also people who love going to a spa in Singapore for couples to have an ultimate spa date. They even shared stories on how many Singapore spa services they tried in the last few years and what they love most about it. Mike and Jenna, who have been married for 8 years, shared how they rekindled their romance when they started feeling some bumpy and rocky turns in the relationship during its sixth year, “Mike noticed how I seem to have forgotten to take care of myself and never bothered to even get cheap facial. He proposed that once a month, we go on a spa retreat out of town. And true enough, not only are we more bonded now, we look better too,” shared Jenna. “We love getting a massage especially Swedish and Shiatsu, and we love getting diamond peels to keep those dead skins away. Jenna loves that she can even have manicure and pedicure while she tries a new facial too. We have become patrons of this place that we tried about 20 services with them, I think, and even got some discounts and a privilege card for being loyal customers.”

And true enough, one of the best things to try while on a couple spa date in Singapore is to indulge in an hour-long massage service. Take this chance to reconnect and bond deeply, “Massage stimulates the production and release of many feel-good hormones, including serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin–aptly known as “the cuddle-chemical”. These hormones are known to boost feelings of intimacy and affection between you and your partner. In addition, a massage causes all of the muscles in your body to relax, in turn relaxing your mind, and leaving you feeling less anxious and more affectionate. Injecting novelty in your relationship by doing and experiencing new things with your partner is proven to result in stronger, more rewarding bonds. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean that you have to schedule a bungee jumping excursion on Tuesday, followed by a mountain biking adventure on Thursday; a massage can be a shared adventure that is equally enjoyable! The experience will give you something to talk about and remember long after the spa day retreat is over,” as the article titled The Benefits of Couple’s Massage at a Spa Day Retreat for yorkstreetspa.com

 “Sometimes, you don’t need to go far or even talk too much to reconnect,” said Mitch who is in a 5-year-relationship with her boyfriend since college. “Niel and I enjoy a warm bath in the tub when we go on spa retreats. We just stare at each other, splash water on each other, and laugh like kids. After which, I go for an hour-long facial while he enjoys body scrubs once a month. We prefer going on spa dates since we settled here in Singapore because work can be so stressful and this is our way to just chill and recharge. After the whole day in the spa, he usually takes me to a lovely dinner where we just share a nice meal over a candle-light, and just chat about how our week went. We go back home always in a better mood and we always look forward to another spa adventure.”

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