How to Accessorize!

01 Dec

No outfit is ever complete without accessories. And with accessories, we mean not only those beads or blings on your neck, but anything that can give that extra edge to your getup for the day (or night). Make those OOTDs and OOTNs IG-worthy by following some accessorizing tips below:

  • Style according to your age: Don’t rush to look like a 20-year-old model if you are just 14 when you’re supposed to look sweet and simply yourself. Think those intimidating diamond earrings of your mother will be a good addition your daily jeans and shirt? No-no! There is a time for everything. Why not check out some nice and cute evita peroni hair accessories online and check which one can make you look your real age. There will be a better time to look a bit mature, so don’t rush on looking like some older celebrity you see on TV.

  • Hide those eye bags: On our best days, our skin is clear, luminous, and fabulously pretty. But let’s face it, there are times that dark circle around the eyes are just pure evil bummers! Worry not, try on some v kool sunglasses and look fab and classy with just that! While there are commercial beauty products like concealers and foundations that promise to hide dark circles, they are not guarantee that you can hide everything that you must. Sunglasses can make anyone look sophisticated or chill—and they are good protection from the scorching heat of the sun.

  • Footwear Matters: Wondering why that dress that makes you look slim seems to be too dull to look at when you wear it? You might have not found the right shoes yet. Heels, sandals, flats? You’ll never know until you try it. Consider your height, comfort, and the color and theme of the whole outfit. You don’t want to look like a big faux pas as you show the world what you’ve got. Always look for a mirror that can show your reflection from head to toe and find a place with natural lighting. If you want a better posture and you need some elevation, choosing to wear a wedge or a high mules may do the trick. If you want to look a bit laid-back and sporty, sneakers always deliver. If you are just going to the beach and wants to be carefree, slippers that go well with your chosen clothes is fine. The rule is always comfort over style, but if you can combine both, then strive for that.

  • Jewels, Jewels! : Because who wouldn’t be impressed and inspired with some dazzles and shimmers? If you are attending a formal event, it’s imperative to wear at least one piece of jewellery, especially if you are all dolled up and are wearing the most expensive long gown you’ve ever had. With the right kind of jewellery, you are sure to stand out and look the loveliest. Just take it easy on overdoing it. If you are already wearing big hoops on your ears, you don’t need a thick necklace with a big pendant. Always make sure the pieces complement one another to avoid being a laughingstock in the party.

  • Add A Decent Belt: Wearing a belt on your top is good when you need to project a certain angular illusion to your look. You may be that girl who has a wide shoulder but whose figure goes a little narrower going down. To show a little curve, wearing a belt over your loose top can do the trick. Make sure the belt is not of the same hue as the blouse you’re wearing or is at least a shade darker or lighter. You may also choose to match the color of the belt to the shoes that you’ve wearing at the moment. Achieving a sense of balance is good rule to follow when keeping your ensemble on point.

  • Wear a Hat or a Cap: Want to look taller and want to divert people’s attention to your face? That’s easy. Command such attention by choosing a matching cap/ hat. It can simply be a white cap that plays contrast to your all black ensemble. The rule here is to find one that fits your personality as well.

  • Choose the right choker: A choker with a little cute charm can be a statement piece. It will give your outfit that laid-back yet interesting look for sure. It can always be the “main attraction” of your OOTD if you choose to wear everything plain from head to toe.
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