Importance of Research and Development Concerning Technological Advances and Innovation

12 Oct

Most of us have been very reliant on different technologies that makes our lives easier. Whether it helps us with our jobs or makes our entertainment more fun, they are just very convenient for us. Not to mention the breakthroughs it provides concerning the field of medicine, information technology and even the business industry. With that said, many funding organizations have focused on investing in research and development. There are even government grants provided to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and research and development facilities.


For most leading countries in research and development like Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Israel, research funding is a big help for those research facilities that lacks the budget or capital to start their field of study. Once a technological breakthrough would surface the field of study, it has the potential to change how people do things in relation to the said industry. With the discovery of such innovation that can change millions of life, it is definitely worth the investment. Though the problem is that not all the studies of these research and development facilities actually bear fruit. Some of their research are stopped in the middle of the study or was not even started in the first place even though resources were already used in the preparation for the research. In addition to that, there are also studies that has been proven to be a success whereas they have the end result of the study, however it is not something that would be beneficial in the field of the research - which basically means the end result was not enough for a new innovation to be applied in actual practice.

The technology that we have today is something that came from the industry of research and development. It does not only promote the economic growth of a country, but also positively affects all of its concerned entities. For instance, the development and innovation of different equipment used in the medicinal industry does not only make the jobs of doctors and nurses a lot easier but also greatly increases the chances of curing diseases and treating illnesses of millions of patients. With that said, research and development really plays a critical role in terms of saving lives, not just making it easier and more convenient to live.

There are also quite a number of private companies who have their own research and development facilities, which solely focused on research and studies that is related to improving or innovating their own products or goods. However, it does require a lot of resources so it is really not something for small or starting companies and businesses. Though, it does not mean that it is not possible because just like what has been mentioned above,grants from the government are available for small to medium enterprises.

Now that you have an idea of just how important research and development is in relation to product innovation, you might start to think that you may need to start a research facility for your business to further improve your company's product. Just consider two major things; do you have the resources to do so and would the research be beneficial to your product? If it is so, then it might be the best time to invest in research and development.

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