My Family’s Search For Good TCM In Singapore Is Finally Over

21 Aug

My family and I are firm believers in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for a long time. It is our go-to treatment to help prevent illnesses and to help speed up our healing process. That is why we are always on the lookout for a good TCM in Singapore.

TCM is known to have originated in ancient China. Those who are practicing it uses herbal medicines as well as other alternative treatments to modern medicines such as tai chi and acupuncture to help in preventing health problems or treat existing ailments. Fortunately in the country, TCM practitioners are required to register with the Ministry of Health to make sure that they are following the country’s safety standards.

My sister pointed us to a TCM centre located within a shopping mall near the Amara Hotel. Since we all know the place, we all decided to contact them and set an appointment for various treatments.

We all have different health issues that we wanted to address with TCM, that is why we went there as a family. My brother and his wife wanted to try treatments using TCM for fertility in Singapore to increase their chances of having a child, while my sister wanted to try acupuncture to help her lose weight.

My dad and I, on the other hand, both wanted to use acupuncture for aesthetic purposes. His was to help prevent further hair loss, while my goal is to improve the skin on my face. Meanwhile, my mother wants to consult with a TCM physician to make sure that she is in tip top form.

When we entered the clinic, we were all immediately impressed with the cleanliness of the place. We also felt that the staff were very friendly and were really attentive to our needs. My sister just mentioned our names, and one of the ladies at the reception looked at her records to check on our appointment.

After confirming our schedule, the staff pointed us towards the physician’s clinic one by one. Personally, my session with the TCM physician was very reassuring. He explained all the TCM treatments that could address all my health issues. I can also say that the rest of my family also felt the same because they all seemed satisfied when they came out of the doctor’s office.

During my session with the TCM doctor, I learned that I have I can also treat the discomfort that I feel in my lower back. The doctor told me that he can administer TCM for back pain in Singapore. That is why I also signed up for acupuncture and paired it with a tui na session with full body massage as well.

 I have to say that I felt good after undergoing treatments with the TCM clinic. While the lower back pain was still there, I believe that it will be erased entirely after a few sessions. My family also believed that they are also better after their own treatments as well. That is why we all set another appointment for our next sessions.

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