The Archetypes of the Best Business Model

20 Apr

Because of their impeccable quality due to top of the line materials and cost-effective prices that are very competitive in today’s market, more and more people are finding innovative and imaginative uses for corrugated boxes from Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. Homeowners use these tough boxes for practical as well as aesthetic purposes around the house because some problems and DIY tasks for good housekeeping are easily solved by cut-up and repurposed pieces of these high-quality material. But farsighted and ambitious businessmen have seen a more powerful use for these corrugated and toughened boards as well as very pliable material that have the potential to be very effective in boosting their sales and edging their competitors.

                And that is how the great standee war of Singapore and Southeast Asia ignited with nary a warning as it left business owners scrambling to pick up the pieces, gather their bearings and create a model, a champion of sorts, that will represent their company and immortalize their brands. Choosing the best model is a tricky situation though and it requires a lot of planning, brainstorming and research by teams of experts that want to see the success of the mission and vision of the company. Here are the leading archetypes of models and mascots that business owners and companies can choose from and this will represent their brand and help them get closer with their customers, clients and other stakeholders.

The Famous Celebrity

                Superior athletes like Tom Brady, LeBron James and Roger Federer are the top dogs and kings of the hill in their respective sports and that is why they are the chosen faces of billion-dollar brands like Nike and Rolex. And that is also the reason why everything that Ellen and Oprah says is golden and definitive, hard truths thereby turning their opinions and brand preference a shining staff that their flocks follow. But before breaking bread, sealing the deal and signing that expensive contract with their celebrity endorses, business owners should choose a celebrity who is trustworthy, respectable and also a good role model to influence their fans to stay on the right path.

The Cute Mascot

Catering and targeting young children and adolescents out there, companies like breakfast cereals, snacks and even fast food restaurants can opt for cute mascots because kids identify and fall in love with adorable and endearing characters. This can also ignite fierce and irrevocable brand loyalty at a very young age and this can last for a lifetime which further translates to new avenues and opportunities of revenue because of toys, clothing and other assorted merchandise that are plastered with the mascot’s famous mug.

The Average Joe

                Instead of spending millions of dollars by hiring a celebrity endorser or mass producing free standing display units that they have to put in every store on the shopping mall or corner of the street, some business owners choose the road less traveled as they hire an average person that normal people can identify with. It gives their brand and products a more user-friendly aura because it establishes a kinship of sorts with their target market and customers who believe that they belong to the general majority of the population.

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