Tips on Kitchen Renovation

26 Jan

Are you in the middle of renovating your kitchen? Do you have a particular style or design in mind? Like what color of paint to fill in the walls and kitchen cabinets? What type of kitchen cabinetry and drawers to construct? Or do you even have a detailed plan on how to get started with your little kitchen makeover project?

A kitchen makeover idea may seem a small project to you but in reality it is more than a little repainting and reconstructing. When doing a kitchen renovation, you need to consider about the style or design of your kitchen and of course, the expenses for both the materials and labor. Quite simple right? But if you add up time and yourself in the equation, it now becomes a little complicated.

Yes, you are definitely right. If you have decided to start a little project like a kitchen renovation, you have to make sure that you are completely on board with the project.  And to guide you on this new venture, here are some simple tips to consider when starting a house or kitchen renovation.

1. Plan out ahead

Plan everything before starting the reconstruction. In every renovation project, you have to sketch your proposed changes based on the “as built” kitchen plan. Sketches to be drafted include floor plan, plumbing, and electrical plan. A plan serves as a blueprint or guidebook for labourers and engineers to ensure that they are doing the reconstruction correctly as what you wanted.

Aside from the sketches, you also need to identify your possible suppliers for the materials like for the wood or steel, close hinges for the kitchen cabinet, faucet, tubes, other accessories and electrical supplies.

2. Recycle and Reuse materials/furniture

Renovation or reconstruction doesn’t mean you have to totally demolish the structure or area. Depending on your design, some of your existing furniture, flooring or compartments may be reused and recycled. Besides, it would help you save a lot for the expenses. For example, for the kitchen cabinet design ideas, you can retain your old kitchen compartments and only modify the kitchen knobs and its color to fit in your preferred design.

3. Consider least cost but quality materials

When buying for the supplies, you also need to consider the cost. A lot of hardware and furniture suppliers are offering discounts for bulk orders. Try to canvass and request for quotations as much as possible. Then, compare their prices, and choose the supplier with the least cost. You don’t need to buy low standards items just to get by with your renovation. There are still quality products sold in the market at a least cost. You just have to be diligent on inquiring and looking for the right suppliers.

4. Maximize space and apply innovate design

Having a limited space for renovation is not a problem. With innovative design, you can still put on your personal touch on your kitchen. There is now space saving furniture that you can use. For example, if your theme is modern style, you can have a modern kitchen cabinet design equipped with transformable or sliding shelves. Space will work out just fine if you add your creative ideas on it.

5. Consult and hire professionals for labor and construction work

 More than anything else, it is very important to know your capacity.  Do not act like a pro if you are not one. Let the professionals handle the labor and construction work.

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