Turning an Ordinary House into a Wonderful Home Filled with Precious Memories

14 Sep

After working double shifts in the office so that I can get shortlisted for that coveted promotion, prove my mettle to my peers and colleagues, earn the respect of my supervisors and managers as well as inch closer to my highest professional goals, I am truly exhausted and one step closer to the edge. To avoid lashing out at my friends and family that will certainly cause massive strain and irreparable damages to our relationships, I knew that I had to take it easy every now and then because I also deserve to rest and relax with them or else I will surely burn myself out not just physically and mentally but also emotionally and psychologically as well. And that is the reason why I always browse around my favourite online furniture shop that is based in Singapore because they offer an amazing selection that really piques my curiosity and caters to the unique blend of style, comfort and innovation that I prefer.

Thanks to this wonderful shop that keeps me coming back for more, I have a gorgeous teak furniture set that is imported from Singapore and it enables me to kick off my shoes, sit down and put my calloused feet up while I am enjoying a cold bottle of beer while cheering for my favourite basketball team on my home theatre. After watching the match as well as the highlight reel and postgame analysis after the show by animated sports experts and opinionated commentators, I enjoy a hearty meal with my family because sitting around with them on the dinner table while eating our favourite comfort food enables us to get back in touch with one another as we ask about our day and share our personal thoughts, plans for the future, darkest fears and biggest dreams in life. This certainly makes me feel like I am on top of the world and the luckiest man on earth because I am surrounded by the people who stick with me through thick and thin no matter what.

And that is why aside from furnishing the interior area of the house, I also bought teak wood furniture from Singapore for our backyard, patio, terrace and gazebo because I want to enjoy all sorts of different outdoor activities with them instead of staying cooped up inside the house all day long. As I use my green thumb to grow my herb and vegetable garden, my children love to play all sorts of games like hopscotch, hide and go seek and treasure hunting because I want them to enjoy their childhood instead of staying glued to technological gadgets like video game consoles, smartphones and tablets all the time.

In conclusion, I take pride in working hard at the office, showcasing my aptitude in my field of expertise and proving that I have what it takes to provide for my family but the best part of my day is coming straight home when the sun goes down and spending quality time with the people that I hold close and dear to my heart. And that is the reason why I spare no expense and the sky is the limit when it comes to building my dream house because I want to create wonderful memories with the people who matter most in this world for as long as I live.

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