What to Do With Your Outdoor Space

09 Oct

A little creativity and imagination can turn that big space in your back or front yard into something beautiful and magical. And while we often focus on making the house’s indoor more pleasing for the family and our house guests, doing something special for the outdoor space may give you a satisfaction that you may never experience and achieve in the limited space you have inside your humble abode.

For Anita of Singapore, having some outdoor furniture can do this trick, “If you have money to spare and you can find some furniture that can withstand the changing weather outside, then why not make that front yard a receiving area for your guests? You can entertain them outside especially when you think your indoor area is not as tidy as it should be. Think of it as an alternative way of receiving valued guests. If you can also find a way to build a shade over the furniture, that would be more desirable, too. I made sure there will be Bermuda grass in my backyard so everything will look fresh and green. I love that I wake up every morning with such a calming sight.”

You can choose either the classic or modern outdoor furniture depending on your taste—or whichever you think will best bring out the most beautiful look for your outdoor area.

Samantha, another homeowner from Singapore, first built a rose garden and eventually also opted to buy some outdoor furniture just to give a fresh new look for her backyard, “I’ve always wanted to have one of those homes that I see on different lifestyle magazines where there are blooming roses in the garden. I grew up in a place where our house only has a massive gate and it really looked boring from the outside. I wanted to make a lovely home when I had a family of my own; so when I had the money to build my own garden, I bought some plants and flowers to grow. I might add a fountain outside and see if my husband would approve of the idea.”

Ron, a bachelor who was able to buy his own home a couple of years back, opted to turn his backyard into a barbeque area, “I’ve always loved the thought of spending weekends with my extended family and friends just hanging out while we grill some hotdogs, burgers, or anything that can be barbequed so I thought of the best way to turn this big space into something that everyone will enjoy too. I bought some benches, a long table durable enough to withstand heavy rains, and I am planning to buy a gazebo when I have the budget for it.”

For parents Jo and Leanne, turning their outdoor space into a playground is more than desirable for their 3 kids, “I could see how my children who are about 10, 7, and 3 will love some swings, slides, and seesaws here. I’ve already talked to a professional about this just to make sure the playground will be a safe environment for my kids, their cousins, and their friends who often visit them on weekends,” shared Jo.

There can be more ways to turn that outdoor space. Just remember the purpose, the theme, and the budget you have for the project—and from there, carefully plan what you want to do with that area. You can find inspiration on TV shows, reading materials like home magazines, or even by just observing other beautiful homes who also opted to turn their outdoor space into their own little haven.

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