What to Prepare for Your Mini Vacation

30 Nov

After burning the midnight oil, talking to executives, professionals, and clients while trying to keep everything in check, a mini vacation is just what you need. Going hiking, camping, or simply jogging in the park to appreciate nature and life out of the office gives you the boost and rest that you need to keep yourself from becoming insane because of all the overlapping workload in the past couple of months. Try to imagine the wonderful sunrise and sunsets you would see above the mountain right after a hard, sweaty trek. Don’t forget all the time you could have to yourself! It would be so nice to wake up to the nice breeze and tweets of the birds instead of a mind-wracking alarm clock that would not go off no matter how hard you throw it.

Of course, before doing any outdoor activity, you must plan and prepare what you must bring to prevent any disaster along the way and in case an emergency arises. Here are some tips and suggestions on what to bring and what to plan for before going on your trip.

Know Where You Are Going

Different places mean different set of necessary items in your backpack. Decide if you want to stay in the city or go out to the mountains or the beach. After that, check for reviews from netizens and bloggers because they will surely tell you all the pros and cons that place has to offer. If you plan in staying in the metropolis, you may jog or search for a public pool that have reasonable prices. Cycling and camping could also be done in the city. In fact, you may do that in all the places you may think of wherever you decide to go for your vacation. That is why you do not really have to go far from your home to achieve these activities. In contrast, extraneous activities like hiking, trekking, and surfing need to be done in the mountains or the ocean. Some places offer promos during different times of the year. So, watch out for those!

Prepare For Everything

Generally, wherever you decide to go, you only need these things. Keep a lotion to repel bugs from biting your skin. Bring extra clothes to make sure you have spare and that you will not get sick. So, change your clothes as soon as you finish swimming or working out. If you are trekking or going away from the metropolis, it is nice to prepare a lot of clothes, most of all underwear, to prevent shortage. Do not forget your towel. Bring two sets so you have one for removing sweat and the other one is for drying your body after taking a bathe. Carry a cell phone so you can contact anyone if ever an emergency arises. It may also function as a flashlight or a watch. Bring snacks and a water jug. Lastly, bring a pair of sunglasses. Most outdoor enthusiasts recommend buying polarized sunglasses which are easy to buy online and they reduce the glares from the sun. Keeping your eyes safe and secure from damage is a priority in this modern day and age since most people are required to look at computer screens most of the time and they  emit radiation which are also harmful for the eyes. They are so much better than tinted glasses because they have special coatings to actually protect you from the UV rays the sun radiates.    

 Invite People to Join You in Your Crusade 

 Travelling and seeing the great outdoors alone have never been fun. That is why contact your friends and families. Loveless nights would be filled with laughter and stories during bonfires or just under the moon and stars. Also, encourage them to buy matching polarized sunglasses in Singapore because that’s one heck of a squad goal and one thing off of your bucket list.

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